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Developers most favorite framework to work with includes agility, flexibility, and optimal performance. Our mobile-first development techniques ensure that you don’t miss out on potential leads by serving them on their preferred devices.


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    • Laravel, not only a framework but a whole of an ecosystem, builds the most unique applications.
    • Superlative security through additional barriers of authentication and authorization.
    • Mailing server integration to keep the user informed by sending push notifications.
    • Unit-based tested ensuring all-around bug and error-free systems for a hassle-free experience.

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    Just fill in the info to get started

      In a hurry? Give us a call now at (786) 753-7624


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      Our Laravel Data Migration Services are marvelous, and the world admits.

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      “I have been using an older version of Laravel, IKONIC helped me update to the latest version without even losing a point.”

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      “Our site was hosted on WordPress and users always complained about high page load time, with Laravel we don’t hear this.”

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      “IKONIC is exceptionally good whenever it comes to Laravel, their Database Migration Services are also unparalleled.”

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      Our wider range of Laravel Database Migration Services catering the global clientele.

      Migrate to Laravel before the world goes a little farther. The framework has a concave usage curve and is expected to peak more.

      Laravel Database Migration

      Laravel Database Migration

      Companies having a greater customer database need ... their data to be migrated every now and then so it stays safe, secure, and available whenever they need it. To cater to this demand we provide Laravel Database Migration Services to actively migrate to different servers.

      Other Platforms to Laravel Migration

      Other Platforms to Laravel Migration

      The world is growing rapidly and technological ... advancements are on-point. Upgrade to the most sought-after PHP framework from any other platform that you are using like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or SquareSpace.

      Laravel CMS Migration

      Laravel CMS Migration

      Business organizations that are handled by multiple ... hands often go after speed, agility, performance, and reliability. We at Ikonic offer premium Laravel CMS Migration Services for systems that are true to all touch-points.

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      Proficiency, skill-set, rapid turn-around, and competitive pricing are to name a few traits that we master.

      Expert Laravel Developers

      Expert Laravel Developers

      Our industry experts give due diligence to the process of Laravel Data Migration so that you don’t lose any functionality or there may arise any exception in your script.

      Regular Work Update

      Regular Work Update

      Whenever we start working on a client’s project a team of developers, analysts, and project managers stay in a constant loop with you to keep you informed about the status of your project.

      24/7 customer support

      24/7 customer support

      We cater to the global clientele coming from various time zones, that’s the reason that we have engineered a system that keeps us available for you at any time of the day.

      Flexible payment plans

      Flexible payment plans

      We don’t believe in one package for everyone, rather we listen and research on your needs and business objectives before quoting a dedicated price to you according to the job.

      Clean code syntax

      Clean code syntax

      Our in-house developers have extensive ability and expertise that ensures a clean, bug-free, and easy to understand and update code reaches you with all rights intact.

      Unrivaled Quality Assurance

      Unrivaled Quality Assurance

      We at IKONIC conform to the clause that an error and bug-free, with no exception web projects, are delivered to the clients, and that is a reason QA executives stay engaged during the whole process.

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      Here's the simple process that we follow to shift you from any platform to Laravel in a hassle-free manner



      We start by understanding clients’ goals and objectives and analyzing what on earth is going to be in their best interest. The team of developers possess the knowledge and instinct that delivers.



      After learning to their goals, we start line-by-line migration so that no part of the system gets missed or wasted during the whole process ensuring a higher level of diligence and safety.



      Migration always has goals and that too are different from what the business had before, in order to reach those goals, we polish and improve the system for an enhanced user experience.



      Launching means uploading the system to the real URL. After the Quality Assurance team passes the final product, we deliver the code with all rights to the client.

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      Our team of expert Laravel Developers help your run your business smooth with automated software solutions.

      Technologies we work on

      Our Development Stack

      Our development stack contains a vast range of technologies. We can deliver a great digital solution for all your business problems.

      • Laravel


      • PHP


      • NodeJs


      • Angular


      • Express


      • MySql


      • VueJs


      • ReactJs


      • JavaScript


      • jQuery


      • BootStrap


      • Sass


      • GitHub


      • Atlassian


      • Slack


      • Trello


      • Basecamp


      • asana


      • WordPress


      • Shopify


      • Amazon


      • Drupal


      • Joomla


      • Woo Commerce

        Woo Commerce

      FAQ's About Laravel Data Migration

      Frequently Asked Questions About Laravel

      Here are answers to any of your questions. Still have queries, ask a question here!

      After we take up on your Laravel Data Migration Service a team of developers, business analysts, and project manager keep you informed about whatever the status of your project is. You can also inquire about the status at any time you want.

      We primarily use stack, skype, or WhatsApp groups but we are open to your suggestions. If you have any other medium of communication in your head, you can communicate and we can help you regarding that too.

      We know that you are handling the most precious thing that you have, your data, to us. We do everything possible in our domain to protect your information. To establish, we sign an NDA with the clients that refrain us from sharing, copying, or selling your data during or after completion of your Laravel Database Migration project.

      If you want an upgrade in terms of speed, reliability, flexibility, and security of your existing website, or application then the answer is definitely a Yes. Ikonic offers Database Migration as one of our oldest and premium expertise.

      Discuss the scope of your business, needs, requirements, and goals. After analyzing them we will be able to recommend what suits you the best, an hourly hiring system or a lump sum rate.