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Take your lead generation and sales to the next level and make a lasting impact with a website that accurately reflects your expertise.

    • 7+ Years of Experience Working in Real Estate.
    • Custom software tailored to your Real Estate.
    • Creating a doorway to connect new leads.
    • Configuration and Installation done for you.

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  • UI/UX Performance Testing
  • Webflow, Figma and Adobe XD Designs
  • Lead conversion Landing Pages
  • Proactive Support and Maintenance

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    “With IKONIC’s exceptional services, our real estate business is thriving online!”

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    IKONIC Services For Real Estate

    Jumpstart your expansion with personalized solutions tailored to fit your business requirements.

    Custom Website Development

    Custom Website Development

    Unlock the doors to limitless success with a bespoke website crafted by IKONIC. Elevate your real estate business

    to new heights with a custom platform designed to embody your brand vision. With our expertly designed website, you’ll be equipped to grow your real estate business to new heights. Whether it’s showcasing your latest listings or featuring your local market insights, our website will be dialed into your local MLS, bringing relevant property data to the forefront and automatically updating with the latest listings. Say goodbye to stale and irrelevant content, and hello to a dynamic and engaging online presence.

    Lead Management System

    Lead Management System

    Attract a flood of high-quality leads with IKONIC’s innovative lead-generation tools. Our optimized landing pages

    and cutting-edge capture forms are designed to maximize conversions and bring in more prospects. But we don’t stop there. Our lead management systems keep a watchful eye on each lead, monitoring their progress through the funnel and nurturing them into high-paying clients. With IKONIC by your side, you’ll be able to turn leads into loyal customers with ease.

    IKONIC SEO Services

    IKONIC SEO Services

    Don’t settle for just a beautiful website, let us help you reach new heights and expand your reach to a global audience. With

    a focus on locally-optimized SEO, we’ll ensure that both your locally-based content and website are properly optimized for local and regional reach, while also boosting your national presence. And as new content is added to your website, whether by you or via MLS integration, it will be automatically optimized for both search engines and social media platforms, never again sacrificing image quality. At IKONIC, we believe in building a solid foundation for your website, which is why we optimize both the code and content levels for maximum search engine visibility.

    Drive growth to a new level

    Partner With Ikonic For Unmatched Real Estate Growth

    Accelerate your success in the real estate industry with IKONIC’s custom web solutions, designed to enhance your online presence and drive growth.

    • Actual success guaranteed
    • Explosive growth

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    Build Your Real Estate Legacy with IKONIC

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    Attract & Engage Homebuyers and investors with Cutting-Edge Real Estate Solutions

    Innovative Branding

    Innovative Branding

    Stand out in a crowded market with IKONIC’s personalized branding and marketing strategies, tailored to your unique needs.

    Stunning Visuals

    Stunning Visuals

    Impress potential homebuyers and customers alike with IKONIC’s visually appealing website designs, showcasing your listings in the best light possible.

    Maximize Your ROI

    Maximize Your ROI

    IKONIC drives ROI for your Real estate business with our effective lead-gen strategies. We are committed to maximizing leads and returns on investment for your business.

    Exceptional Service

    Exceptional Service

    At IKONIC, we’re committed to delivering top-notch service and timely delivery, ensuring an outstanding experience for your real estate agency and maximum value for your business.

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    Setting Your Agency on the Right Path

    The IKONIC Approach

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    Ready to unleash your unique vision for the real estate world? Our team of experts is eager to hear all about it. Together, we’ll explore the feasibility of your ideas and find the perfect solution for your needs with IKONIC.

    The Blueprint

    The Blueprint

    We take a visionary approach to the budget, crafting a solid plan, and eliminating unexpected surprises before they happen. Let’s make your real estate goals a reality with IKONIC.

    Bringing It to Life

    Bringing It to Life

    Imagine a website that perfectly embodies your vision for the real estate industry. Our talented developers are ready to bring it to life, weaving together stunning visuals and the latest industry advancements to create a digital masterpiece.

    Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    Say goodbye to stress and hello to peace of mind. Our quality assurance gurus are on a mission to ensure seamless functionality, thoroughly testing and debugging your website until it’s ready for launch.

    Technologies we work on

    Our Development Stack

    Our development stack in [just_city] contains a vast range of technologies. We can deliver a great digital solution for all your business problems.

  • Laravel


  • PHP


  • NodeJs


  • Angular


  • Express


  • MySql


  • VueJs


  • ReactJs


  • JavaScript


  • jQuery


  • BootStrap


  • Sass


  • GitHub


  • Atlassian


  • Slack


  • Trello


  • Basecamp


  • asana


  • WordPress


  • Shopify


  • Amazon


  • Drupal


  • Joomla


  • Woo Commerce

    Woo Commerce