Change Shopify Store url

How to change Shopify Store URL to your New or Existing Domain

Uniform Resource Locator or URL is simply an address that the site visitors will see if they come to your website. Actually, the URL directs the traffic to your webpage or resource and there is always a resource connected with the URL. Shopify eCommerce Web stores usually come with a uniform kind of address. We always recommend using your custom domain as it establishes your credibility and authority in your customer’s perception. This blog post will guide you on how you can change the existing Shopify URL to a custom one.

Change Shopify URL to a new domain

Buying a new domain is no headache these days as you can find a plethora of online trusted domain registrars on the internet. If that’s not your thing you can directly buy the domain name from Shopify by visiting their store in the footer menu.

Change Shopify URL to a previously existing domain

Another case is that you have an existing domain that you had bought according to your company’s name and niche and you want to redirect your traffic to your Shopify store. Both the cases are identical and the same to the full extent.

How to Change the Shopify URL?

In order to update your Shopify store to a newer domain, you need to know a few things first. Whether you have bought a new domain or you had an existing one you have to log in to your Control Panel and register the new DNS with Shopify. For this, you must be well-aware of DNS or you can always count on an expert to help you in this regard.

To change your Shopify Domain, you need to follow these steps,

    • Log in to your Shopify store from the web browser
    • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Domains’.
    • If you have successfully established the domain name, your domain must be listed here.
    • Select the domain from the list of available domains, in your case, there would be only one.
    • Press “save changes”

You have now successfully updated your web address to the new Shopify URL and now your customers will see this Domain Address whenever they visit your website.

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